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24 October, 2019

Xbox One


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CD-RUN is a eight player race royale where the goal is simple: stay on the screen longer than your opponents!


CD-RUN was thought of years ago while looking at a xscreensaver (https://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/) on my Linux box. The screensaver type "m6502" has a demo of Spacer that runs in it. In the demo it shows a steady stream of hills and valleys being produced while moving across the screen. I had thought to myself: "That would be hard to keep up with and stay on the screen." I learned C# and the Unity Game Engine over a lot of nights and weekends while working full time, and after coughing up a prototype, turns out it was fun! Hooray! I fleshed it out over the months and submitted it under it's development name "Steeplechase" to the Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) in 2018. Steeplechase was accepted and I received a great table location at SIX, right at the front door. It was one of the first games people saw when they came in, so I had a lot of folks play it. Lots of feedback and suggestions were given and it was great to hear and chat with players about. The game mechanics featured a lot of things in common with a CD player and a CD, so after tossing around some names CD-RUN came up and I loved it. I finished up the theme, features, options and settings and CD-RUN was born!


  • Eight player simultaneous play on a big shared screen!
  • Three different modes of play: Win with the highest score in Rounds, be the first to reach points in Score, and run as long as you can in Distance.
  • Totally addicting and fun soundtrack.
  • Character customization between eyes, mouth and color. 1,800 different combinations!
  • Colorblind mode to help those who have a hard time differentiating color.
  • Procedural level design. No two levels are ever the same!


CD-RUN Xbox One Trailer YouTube

CD-RUN gameplay footage YouTube

CD-RUN at Seattle Indies Expo 2018 (Under development name: Steeplechase) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)

download logo files as .zip (138KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Official Selection, 2018" Seattle Indies Expo (SIX)
  • "Official Selection, 2019" Indie Game Festival (iFest)

Selected Articles

  • "Blocking other players off just right so that they could not move by sitting on their heads was just pure schadenfreude distilled."
    - Juror, Seattle Indies Expo
  • "It's rare these days to find a party game that supports this many players, so yeah, I think it's a hidden gem among multiplayer titles."
    - BOING, BOING Multiplayer Gaming
  • "This is a good game to play for penalties. Or money. Or shots."
    - Jovette 'StingrayEndl' Estrellado, Let Us Win One, YouTube
  • "A simple but fun game that made me laugh out in pure evil delight."
    - Juror, Seattle Indies Expo
  • "This game had my party laughing hysterically on multiple occasions, which is always a good sign."
    - Juror, Seattle Indies Expo

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Solo indie developer game company located right in Seattle, Washington! Making gmaes that are fun and challenging. Hope you enjoy what we create!

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CD-RUN Credits

Michael P. Balogh
Director, Developer

Dylan Hanwright
Composer, Musician

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